Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll WHITE: 10

Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll WHITE: 10"x120" / 25cmx300cm

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  • ❤️️ ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE WAY TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR GARMENTS?: Our iron on HTV Roll, size 25cmx300cm (9.75"x10') , with a FREE Teflon Sheet, size 10"x12" is what you are looking for. Our vinyl is perfect for any designs. It can be cut in smaller size vinyl sheets depending on your project needs: 10 sheets of 12”x10” each OR 5 sheets of 24”x10” each. No need to spend on various HTV sheet sets including multiple colors! No more waste of your time and money!
  • ❤️️ MAKE MULTIPLE TESTS FOR THE CUTTING SETTINGS BEFORE DOING THE FINAL CUT. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CUTTING ON THE CORRECT SIDE : Before starting your work, please check the step-by-step instructions on how to apply the vinyl, test the blade (MAKE SURE THE BLADE IS SHARP) and cutting settings of your machine. Make sure you are cutting on the correct side of the HTV vinyl sheet (FOLLOW THE LABEL SHOWING THE RIGHT SIDE TO CUT ON). The vinyl layer is on the inside part of the roll, while the plastic protective layer is on the outside part of the roll.
  • ❤️️ HAVE YOU EVER RECEIVED YOUR VINYL ROLL IN A BAD SHAPE? Our heat transfer vinyl roll is packed in a strong carton box and rolled inside the teflon sheet. With this double protection, you are sure you will receive your HTV roll in the best condition and will be able to use it for your DIY crafts project immediately, with no disappointment.